About Gimv

OTN Systems was created in 2008 but has a track record that goes back to the eighties within the Siemens Group. On July 1st, 2008, Nokia Siemens Networks and Gimv transferred the OTN team into the newly formed OTN Systems company, majority owned by Gimv.

Gimv is a European investment company with over three decades of experience in private equity and venture capital. Gimv is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels and currently manages around 1.8 billion EUR (including third party funds) of investments in 60 portfolio companies.

As a recognised market leader in selected investment platforms, Gimv identifies entrepreneurial and innovative companies with high-growth potential and supports them in their transformation into market leaders. Gimv’s four investment platforms are: Consumer 2020, Health & Care, Smart Industries and Sustainable Cities. Each of these platforms works with a skilled and dedicated team across Gimv’s home markets of the Benelux, France and Germany and can count on an extended international network of experts.

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