Metros & Lightrails
Getting 3 billion people to their location worldwide

A diversity of applications

Modern cities simply can’t function without efficient urban rail systems. Today a vast number of cities rely on OTN Systems' products for their public transport. Our technology is used as the communications backbone both for new systems in fast-growing cities, as well as for upgrades of existing systems. Our networks help transport operators to ensure their rail system runs safely, reliably and on time.

Worldwide proven experience

More than 85 transport authorities around the world currently rely on OTN Systems for their operational communications.

Real-world implementations have been running continuously for over 15 years. Because of its operational simplicity, the network can be maintained with limited efforts and costs.

Some of the leading transport authorities around the world using our products are

  • Guangzhou Metro (China)
  • SEPTA (US)
  • Vancouver Sky Train (Canada)
  • Heathrow Express and DLR (UK)
  • Transrapid Maglev (Shanghai, China)
  • Stadtbahn Bonn (Germany)
  • Tramways Lyon and Montpellier (France)

Why our customers prefer an OTN Systems' solution :

  • Plug and play solution
  • Low cost of operation
  • Supports critical operational applications
  • Protects sensitive data
  • Non-stop operation 24/7
  • Future-proof
  • The company's expertise and support

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