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Couldn't find your industry segment in the drop-down list ? Don't worry, the products of Belden Solutions NV have found their way into many other industries.

Is Belden Solutions NV the right Partner for you?

Couldn't find your industry segment in the drop-down list? Don't worry, the products of Belden Solutions NV have found their way into many other industries. Let's check out whether you should take a closer look at our network solutions.

  • Are you looking for an office network to hook up your PCs, printers and servers ? In that case, I'm afraid we cannot help you.
  • Do you sell telecom services to private and business customers ? Thanks for contacting us. Please check out the suppliers specialised in carrier equipment.

If you are still with us, check out the following statements :

  1. You have your own fibre infrastructure in place or plan to install it soon.
  2. You have multiple applications to support.
  3. Some of these applications are critical to your business. If they stop, you are in real trouble.
  4. You need to support equipment that doesn't come with an RJ45 Ethernet interface.
  5. You don't have air-conditioned rooms to install your networking gear. Ambient temperatures are not under your control, nor is radiation, humidity or dust.
  6. Your OPEX budget is restricted. You have limited resources or expertise to support your networking infrastructure.

How many times was your answer to the previous statements "TRUE" ? Your score relates to the product portfolio of Belden Solutions NV as follows :

  • 6/6 : don't look any further
  • 5/6 : excellent choice
  • 4/6 : good choice
  • <4/6 : there are probably better solutions out there

Some of the industries with a high score for the above questions are seaports, airports, refineries, chemical plants, etc.

Why our customers prefer a solution of Belden Solutions NV:

  • Highly scalable networks
  • Low cost of operation
  • Support of critical applications
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Hacker-proof
  • Degree of redundancy depending on application
  • Customised solutions
  • The company's expertise and support


A large seaport can be a size of over 100 square kilometres. The main drivers for networking are automation and security. In modern ports, container handling is done fully automatically, without the intervention of a human being. The containers are picked by unmanned cranes, put on AGV's (Automatic Guided Vehicles) and brought to the appropriate destination. All machines are controlled by computers. Security includes traditional access control systems, CCTV surveillance, but also more advanced applications like detection of nuclear material by Radiation Portal Monitors.

The networking products of Belden Solutions NV are installed in large and small ports all over the world including Rotterdam (Netherland), Yang Shan Harbour Shanghai (China) and Palma Harbour Majorca (Spain).


Large airports are villages on their own. The number of applications is virtually endless and some of them are extremely critical. Think of ATC (Air Traffic Control) which is needed to guide the planes. Radar systems, weather information, flight data, runway information, radiotelephony, CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications), etc. It all comes together in the Traffic Control Tower. A solid network is paramount for proper operations of the ATC. But ATC communication is only a small fraction of the total communication needs encountered at an airport. Think about the different systems for security, announcement, check in, baggage handling, SCADA, etc.

The products of Belden Solutions NV are installed for ATC purposes in Schiphol (Netherlands) and ATNS (South Africa). The airports in Düsseldorf (Germany) and smaller airports like Cayenne (French Guiana) are also among our customers.


The use of fibre optics is a given in such environments as it is much safer to operate in comparison with copper. Copper lines can generate sparks resulting in explosions. The world's largest refineries have a size of more than 10 km². Various processing plants rely on accurate and timely information for their proper operation. Security and safety are key. Hence, refineries are equipped with sophisticated alarm systems and emergency response systems.

The company has systems in operation in various countries including Mexico (Pemex' Madero and Minatitlan plants) and Germany (MIDER - Mitteldeutsche Erdöl Raffinerie).

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