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A wealth of experience and the ability to innovate, a powerful cocktail

OTN Systems has served the industry for decades and accumulated a wealth of experience. Its hunger for the newest and the latest, its out of the box thinking capabilities and the can-do mentality has resulted in innovative products and market leadership. The OTN product line is the undisputed market leader in metro & lightrail, oil & gas and the mining industry. The XTran portfolio, OTN Systems’ latest novelty, is bound to become the game changer.

Open Transport Network

OTN is a fiber optic backbone using SDH/SONET as the underlying technology. It offers a wealth of interfaces, unmatched availability and a powerful management system (OMS). Its simplicity in installation and maintenance is unprecedented.

The latest generation offers extensive layer 2 and layer 3 capabilities on its Ethernet boards.

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Excellence in Transport

XTran networks are based on the latest MPLS-TP standard (Multiprotocol Label Switching – Transport Profile). This packet technology caters for deterministic traffic, sub 50 ms reconfiguration times and flawless IP transport. XTran nodes are connected with fibre or copper links in any physical topology.

Its TXCare network management system is a relief to network administrators.

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