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Communication highways in the desert

In the world of oil and gas, distinctions are made between "upstream", "midstream" and "downstream". Upstream refers to the exploration and production, midstream to the transport by pipeline and downstream to the refining activities. In most modern installations, a fibre cable is laid adjacent to the pipeline interconnecting the different stations to the control centers. A pipeline can be more than 1,000 km in length and contains a block valve station every 40 km to segment the pipeline and several pump or compressor stations that push the product forward.

It is of paramount importance that the infrastructure is in operation round-the-clock to guarantee revenues. On the other hand, pipelines are vulnerable to vandalism, sabotage, theft and even... terrorist attacks. Therefore, besides the typical process control applications, CCTV and specific intrusion systems are installed to protect the pipeline. Often the telecom equipment is installed in harsh environments, e.g. manholes in the desert.

The networking equipment that is suitable for the oil and gas industry should be robust, easy to install, provide the highest availability and be able to carry various services. OTN Systems' cup of tea.

Worldwide proven experience

Initial experience in the oil and gas market was gained with the OTN product line. The first system was installed back in 1992 and is still in operation.

Some of the leading oil and gas companies around the world currently using our products are:

  • Saudi Aramco (KSA)
  • Sonatrach (Algeria)
  • Exxon
  • Shell
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Total
  • Qatar Gas (Qatar)
  • PDO (Oman)
  • DOW (Germany)
  • Caspian Gas (Kazakhstan)

Why our customers prefer an OTN Systems' solution :

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost of operation
  • High network availability and resilience
  • Powerful network management including back-up systems
  • Support of process control protocols
  • Tailored solutions
  • Copes with tough environmental conditions
  • The company's expertise and support

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