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OTN Systems prefers an indirect approach to cover all sectors around the globe. A comprehensive partner network is currently in place to develop the market and serve our customers. These partners are backed and supported from our regional offices and HQ.

If you want to get in touch with the OTN Systems partner in your country, contact us here.

Certified Partners

All partners have gone through a training program in HQ and have been certified to perform certain activities like sales, network design, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, 2nd line support, etc.

All activities are synchronized on a permanent basis between our partners, the regional offices and HQ. In this way, we can assure the best level of support towards our end customers. Buying from a certified partner guarantees professional services during the entire life cycle of a project and beyond.

Our goal is to have full coverage of every segment in all territories for all our products, including XTran. Therefore, OTN Systems is still looking for motivated companies capable of building a strong business practice with our solution. Interested? Read on.

Becoming an OTN Systems partner

Do you see opportunities in your territory to market OTN Systems' products successfully? Do you think your company can handle this type of business? If your answer is "yes" to both these questions, then seize this opportunity and check out our "Engage Channel Partner Program".

The rights and obligations of our channel partners are stipulated in our engage partner program.

Our channel program has 3 levels of engagement. All levels come with certain tasks, responsibilities and commitments from both sides. Specific technical and commercial training is available for each level.


Level 1: Authorized Reseller

This "entry-level" version of the program is typically for new partners. These partners are trained to perform proper pre-sales activities. They are able to promote our solutions and to negotiate the technical and commercial aspects of a project. Authorized resellers still rely on comprehensive support from OTN Systems during various stages of the project. As the business catches up, they will automatically move to a higher level as their expertise grows.

Level 2: Premium Partner

At this level, the partner has the proper commercial and technical expertise to bring basic projects to a good end with limited support from OTN Systems. Premium partners show a strong commitment by assigning sufficient internal resources to OTN Systems' products for sales, product management, project execution and after sales services. OTN Systems rewards its premium partners for their commitment.

Level 3: Ambassador

This is the highest level of the "Engage Channel Partner Program". These partners show commitment by making a significant investment to grow the OTN System's business in their territory, i.e. purchase of a demo unit, running promotion campaigns, etc. These partners are able to carry out large scale projects autonomously. Of course, they can call on support from HQ at any stage of the project. In return for this commitment, the partner receives a rich set of incentives and rewards.

If you consider enrolling in our Engage Channel Partner Program, contact us here.

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