MPLS-TP: ready to face the future

Ready to face the future

National railway operators have multiple applications, that all need communication: some between control centres and stations, others go as deep as trackside level.

The network is a vital cornerstone of the infrastructure and needs to support this complete range of applications. SDH/SONET technology has always been the workhorse to interconnect the different sites. However, virtually all applications are moving towards IP/Ethernet and demand for bandwidth is increasing. This forces railway operators to look at different technologies which seamlessly blend with the current infrastructure while offering a solution to cope with future demands.

Various packet transport technologies have emerged to replace the traditional SDH/SONET: MPLS, carrier Ethernet and more recently, MPLS-TP (Multiprotocol Label Switching - Transport Profile). MPLS-TP uses the main functionalities of MPLS but comes with extra features to support the mission-critical transport of information. One can consider it as the packet alternative to “good old SDH/SONET”. Despite being a packet-based technology, MPLS-TP offers the same functionality in terms of network resilience and predictability as SDH/SONET. Moreover, MPLS-TP offers unique features making the network operator’s life less complex

Worldwide proven experience

OTN Systems acquired experience in the railway environment in various parts of the world. Initial experience was gained with the OTN product line but today XTran is OTN Systems’ flagship for the railway market.

Real-world implementations have been running continuously for over 15 years. Because of its operational simplicity, the network can be maintained with limited effort and costs.

Some of the leading national railway operators around the world who have selected our products are:

  • Amtrak (US)
  • Ferrovienord (Italy)
  • Prasa (South Africa)
  • Saudi Rail (Saudi Arabia)
  • DSB (Denmark)
  • Rhätische Bahn (Switzerland)
  • Caucasian Rail (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)

Why our customers prefer an OTN Systems' solution :

  • Highly scalable networks
  • Low cost of operation
  • Support of critical applications
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Degree of redundancy depending on application
  • Customized solutions
  • The company's expertise and support

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