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Training Academy

The OTN Systems Training Academy offers an extensive set of training courses. Most of them can be held both at the Academy at the Headquarters in Belgium or locally on-site. 

Courses can be for a specific customer or open to several customers or partners. Customized training courses can be provided upon request by sending an email.

OTN Systems Academy

It is the Academy’s goal to provide condensed, to-the-point courses. The duration of a single course can vary from one day to five days.

Training courses are available for different audiences including maintenance engineers, partners in a technical or commercial position, service engineers or future trainers (train-the-trainer). The language can be English, Dutch, French or German.

Upon successful completion the trainee will receive a certificate. Partners of OTN Systems can only qualify as a certified partner if they attend a specific set of training. 

Treat and train the Service Engineer well

XTran was designed from the start with ease of use in mind. Our developers have tried to alleviate the daily work of the XTran service engineer as much as possible. 

Configuration wizards, powerful troubleshooting features and graphical representations make most situations straightforward. To serve the service engineer even better, an elaborate training package is available that will allow him to cope with any situation.

Turning an XTran novice into an expert typically takes less than two weeks. Depending on the existing expertise of the service engineer and his tasks at the company, he can choose from a rich set of courses to bring him up to speed. A distinction is made between three levels of expertise: Read More.

The benefits of good training

It is important for OTN Systems that the customer staff in charge of XTran networks get the proper training. Trained service engineers can take advantage of 24/7 helpdesk support as part of SW Care service. 

A well-trained person increases the efficiency of the customer’s vital processes, resulting in a financial benefit for the company. Effective training also results in increased job satisfaction, motivation, the ability to innovate and a lower staff churn. 

In short, attending an XTran course is money well spent!

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