Power Utilities
Communication needs at all levels

Communication needs at all levels

Until recently, there was no need for power utilities to make significant changes to their infrastructure. The way electrical power was delivered to industrial clients and households was straightforward. But with the cut backs on nuclear power plants, the breakthrough of solar energy, the strong growth of wind farms and the introduction of smart metering, the landscape has changed completely.

In order to enable flexible power generation and distribution, investments in IT infrastructure are mandatory. OTN Systems saw this change coming and initiated the development of XTran in 2010. A collaboration with various power utilities, electrical contractors, key players in the industry and standardization bodies was set up to fine-tune the product for the future. Today, XTran is the only packet based platform that perfectly matches the needs of a modern power utility.

Worldwide proven experience

Initial experience in the power utility market was gained with the OTN product line. Today, XTran is OTN Systems’ flagship for this segment. Our networks have been running continuously for the last 15 years. The operational simplicity make our products stand out.

Some of the leading power utilities around the world currently using our products are:

  • ORES (Belgium)
  • Eandis (Belgium)
  • NW Power (US)
  • El Paso Electric (US)
  • CFE (Mexico)
  • ENERGINET (Denmark)

Why our customers prefer an OTN Systems' solution :

  • Highly scalable networks
  • Low cost of operation
  • Support of timing-sensitive applications
  • Support of all possible protection schemes
  • High network security
  • Degree of redundancy depending on application
  • Customized solutions
  • The company's expertise and support

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