End-to-End MPLS for Operational Telecom made easy

Tailored for industrial applications

Built on MPLS-TP standard
Sector specific requirements

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Intuitive and Simple

NMS made easy
Fast diagnostics
Seamless support for legacy

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Reliable operations in harsh environments

Optimized network security
Unmatched network resilience
Rugged industrial design

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XTran: eXcellence in TRANsport

An XTran network consists of nodes, interconnected by Ethernet, and a management system called TXCare. A variety of node types is available providing the ideal solution for each location. The network is perfectly scalable from tens to thousands of nodes. Any topology can be constructed with the XTran portfolio. On the WAN side, gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbps and 40Gbps interfaces are available - evolving to 100Gbps. XTran comes with an unprecedented suite of interface cards for legacy equipment, including popular analogue circuits for operational telephony, as well as state-of-the art Ethernet/PoE.

Redundancy is key in order to maximize network availability. Common control, switching fabric, network synchronization, uplinks, MPLS tunnels, pseudowires and power modules can all be duplicated. Obviously, this results in spectacular MTBF figures for service availability.

The XTran nodes come in many different flavours. They all use MPLS-TP to communicate which means that protection can be guaranteed down to the lowest level in the network.  


Due to its environmental specifications, format and capacity the XTran offers you as a customer a tailored environment. The product range offers all necessary features which are important in your world.

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  • Delivering 25% of the electricity production in Germany
  • Transporting 50 Billion m³ of natural gas in Algeria
  • Delivering 10.000.000 oil barrels per day in Saudi Arabia
  • Getting 6.000.000 people to their destination per day in the subway of Guangzhou
  • Getting 600.000 people to their destination per day in the subway of Brussels
  • Getting 1.000.000 people to their destination per day on the US East Coast
  • Getting 900.000 people to their destination per day in the subway of Bangkok
  • Getting 2.700.000 people to their destination per day in the subway of Santiago

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