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Download the White Paper: Migration from SDH to MPLS-TP

The road to seamless network evolution

A pivotal shift is taking place in the dynamic landscape of telecommunications. We are transitioning from the traditional SDH/SONET to the innovative MPLS-TP. This move is not just about adopting new technology; it is a fundamental reimagining of how we communicate and ensure our vital services are always operational.

At the core of this change is the principle of 1+1 protection, a safeguard designed to keep our services uninterrupted, even when faced with unexpected challenges. However, the journey to MPLS-TP has been clouded by misconceptions, especially regarding its reliability and its synergy with 1+1 protection. This paper seeks to dispel these misconceptions as well as cover strategies for a smooth transition. MPLS-TP is not just a successor to SDH/SONET; it blends the reliability of these established systems with the flexibility essential for contemporary networks.

So how do we effectively navigate this transformation? It is about harnessing the distinct advantages of MPLS-TP and outlining key strategies for a successful transition. With the right blend of planning, training, and ongoing oversight, we can steer this change with precision and assurance. This paper delves deep into the "Misconceptions When Transitioning from SDH/SONET to MPLS-TP", aiming to equip network owners, everyday users, and utility companies with the insights needed for this significant shift.

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, we are transitioning from traditional SDH/SONET to the innovative MPLS-TP, reimagining how we communicate, and ensuring our vital services remain uninterrupted download our white paper "Migration from SDH to MPLS-TP" to find out more.

Posted By Griet De Schrijver
2024, February 08

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