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Creating a communication transport channel for a SCADA signal

OTN Systems published educational movies on YouTube about TXCare, the network management platform that visualizes the XTran network.

The next generation XTran platform is a flexible, state-of-the-art packet based solution enabling you to go “all IP”, enabled by the underlying MPLS-TP technology, without being faced with the complexity of generic solutions developed with large service providers in mind.

To fully grasp the benefits of the user-friendly TXCare, discover the following educational movies:

  • - Creating a communication transport channel for a SCADA signal
  • - Add a node in a live MPLS-TP network
  • - How to create an E-tree over an ERPS ring
  • - ERPS over MPLS-TP
  • - VoiP service per ring
  • - A VPLS tie between two main rings
  • - Creating teleprotection services
  • - Adding a ring using scripting
  • - Creating a 20M Ethernet service
  • - The deployment of an MPLS-TP network with automated element and topology discovery
  • - Use TXCare to create an MPLS Pseudowire over an XTran network

Watch the OTN Systems YouTube channel

Posted By Griet De Schrijver
2017, June 13

All networks carry information.
Some networks carry it exactly the way you want.