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Join the OTN Systems Technology Day in Midrand

OTN Systems is delighted to invite you to the OTN Systems Technology Day,
covering many important aspects of:

Next Generation Operational Telecom Networks

September 11, 2019 | 09:00-13:00 | Midrand, South Africa

Are you working in industrial verticals such as Metro, Rail, Oil & Gas, Power Utilities, ITS, Airports and Mining and you need an operational telecom network that is easy to install, highly reliable, secure and deterministic?  Please join us in Midrand and be part of the "OTN Systems Technology Day".

Today, industrial network operators are facing major challenges as rapid technological changes are a fact of life. To meet these challenges, OTN Systems is helping industrial customers to adopt “full packet” technology without having to face the complexity of generic IP solutions developed with (only) large telecom service providers in mind.

OTN Systems will share with you their recent technology choices to prepare the industrial telecommunication network for the decades to come. 

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Posted By Griet De Schrijver
2019, September 05

All networks carry information.
Some networks carry it exactly the way you want.