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OTN Systems exhibits at the UTC Telecom Conference in Fort Worth, TX, US

OTN Systems will be exhibiting the latest developments in operational telecom networks for Power Utilities at the UTC Telecom & Technology 2019, June 17-21 in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

What are the specific challenges of engineering packet-based systems to support power utility teleprotection? If that question has been on your mind, attend our presentation:

"Why Current Differential is the Most Demanding Critical Application
and the Secrets of Doing it Right Over a Packet Network"

on Wednesday June 19, 2019, 10:30AM
or visit booth no. 735 for a live demo of our XTran products.

Teleprotection poses significant challenges due to stringent latency requirements and the lesser known very tight asymmetrical delay requirements for Current Differential Relaying as utilities modernize telecommunications infrastructure and migrate to packet-based networks. This session focuses on the specific challenges of engineering packet-based systems to support teleprotection, and details the problems posed by tight latency, delay asymmetry as well as the specific implications for network design. The presenter will share techniques and engineering rules to guarantee on-time delivery of teleprotection traffic as compared to a TDM transport network as well as key insights to keep asymmetrical delay under the required specifications from various Relay vendors.

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Posted By Griet De Schrijver
2019, June 13

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