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OTN Systems secures further growth with expansion of Olen site

Olen, 20 June 2024 – OTN Systems, a global leader in telecoms infrastructure for industrial networks, has significantly expanded its Olen facility. This expansion underlines the company’s long-term future within US-based networking, connectivity and cable product manufacturer Belden, while also strengthening its presence in Olen.

Today’s the day – OTN Systems officially opens its brand-new, 250 square metre-plus Factory Acceptance Test Room, additional training room, R&D offices and new Centre of Excellence. This expansion will help manage, maintain and test the company’s expanding portfolio, along with its numerous implementations, with the new facilities serving to support active product versions and enable future developments.

With the planned name change from OTN Systems NV to Belden Solutions NV coming on 1 July 2024, the company is taking another big step in its ongoing evolution and growth. This shift sees them refocus their efforts on MPLS-based solutions, end-to-end orchestration for the entire Belden portfolio and the provision of technical services.

A lasting impact in Olen

In 2023, OTN Systems NV had a turnover of EUR 52.3 million, an increase of 60% on 2021. The company’s investment in Olen reaffirms its future within the Belden group. ‘This expansion serves to emphasise the success story of our organisation, even following our acquisition by Belden. It is great to see how the team have grown, with these new facilities contributing towards an even brighter future full of opportunity and growth. We look forward to continuing working together to build on our success, as well as making a positive impact for our clients’, explains Jurgen Michielsen, Senior Director Strategy and Platform Modelling at Belden.

American confidence and local growth

Under Belden, Olen remains a site of great importance. The products and solutions developed there are a valuable addition to the Belden portfolio, offering its clients new, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. OTN Systems successfully works with over 500 clients across 80-plus countries worldwide, including De Lijn (Belgium), MIVB (Belgium), Infraspeed (Netherlands) and Sibelga (Belgium), as well as Ausnet (Australia) and National Grid (US).

The expansion of the Olen site not only increases physical capacity, but also the team’s expertise and capacity for innovation. ‘Within Belden, we certainly value the expertise provided by our colleagues in Olen. With our portfolio, Belden can continue to grow across numerous market segments, including transport, energy, and oil and gas. This expansion gives us promising opportunities’, adds Bart Sprengers, BEC Leader Olen.

About OTN Systems 

Olen-based OTN Systems stands out as a leading player in telecoms infrastructure for industrial networks. With a focus on designing and delivering high-quality products – such as XTran – the company plays a vital role in connecting stations over longer distances, providing reliable communication solutions for industrial clients worldwide. In addition, OTN Systems offers wide-ranging services, such as network design and project management, supporting clients in realising their specific needs and objectives. With over 500 clients worldwide and an impressive track record of successful project delivery, OTN Systems serves as a valuable partner for transport and energy companies seeking efficient and reliable industrial communication solutions. Following their 2021 acquisition by US-based Belden, OTN Systems is currently experiencing particularly strong growth. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Belden

Belden Inc. provides infrastructure for making digital pathways simpler, smarter and more secure. With both what we produce and make possible, we are able to push the boundaries of connectivity through our performance-driven portfolio, forward-thinking vision and expertise, as well as our purpose-built solutions. For over 120 years, we have strived for excellence in terms of quality and optimum reliability. Such rich heritage provides a solid foundation to build on for the future. Headquartered in St. Louis, USA, our company operates manufacturing sites across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and X.

Posted By Griet De Schrijver
2024, June 20

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