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Project Service Packs

OTN Systems has defined three different project service packs in order to provide maximum peace of mind before XTran solutions are shipped on-site.

Basic Project Services

In this service pack the design, documentation and test phase covers all XTran nodes, modules, fibre connections and the software and firmware versions. It does not cover the actual programming of services. This may be a good solution for customers who already have an XTran in place and want to extend the network.

During the Basic FAT, all the equipment is assembled, including all the interface modules and WAN cards. The correct working of all individual items is tested and validated.

Standard Project Services

The design work will include MPLS-TP tunnels, pseudo wires, protection schemes and individual services with QoS. During this phase, the end user is constantly involved as various design alternatives are discussed and decided upon. The Standard Project Services are suggested when no Layer 3 routing is required.

The test and validation phase is completed using all hardware that will be installed in the field. This Standard FAT is typically executed together with the customer. A FAT document describing all tests is drafted and agreed upon. The FAT itself may take several days depending on the size and the complexity of the network.

Upon successful completion, the FAT document is signed off by all parties involved. The work in the field is now limited to physically installing the nodes, connecting the fibres and booting up the system. As the database has been 100% prepared and validated in the factory, the network should go live error-free, ready to connect applications.

Extended Project Services

The complexity of an XTran network increases when features such as VPN, unicast/multicast routing, VRRP (Virtual Redundant Routing Protocol), OSPF and L2 redundancy mechanisms need to be supported. The design of an L2/L3 network is far more complex and is conducted by OTN Systems’ specialists in close collaboration with the end user. A good understanding of all applications and the targeted traffic flows is required in order to secure a correct configuration. In case access devices are connected to the XTran network, possibly from other vendors, a correct design will ensure that all protection schemes will work properly over XTran.

Upon successful completion of the Extended FAT, the end user receives a fully documented solution ready for the field.

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