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For more than 27 years, OTN Systems is a leading supplier of mission critical telecommunications solutions to industrial networks. During this period, we have accumulated more than 500 customers in 75+ countries… Your confidence has been crucial to establish this well recognized market position. We thank you for that.

Industrial networks require a telecom solution which should be “invisible”. The operational telecom network needs to be highly reliable, secure, easy to install and deterministic. Ideally, you like to forget about this network for tens of years as you see it as a “necessary evil”…

However, operational telecom is facing some major challenges as rapid technology changes are a fact of life. Traditional SDH/SONET based solutions are becoming obsolete and will need to be replaced sooner than later. Furthermore, you are confronted with an aging workforce which has accumulated a wealth of operational experience but knows little about complex IP networking. To answer these challenges, OTN Systems has developed a unique, two-fold approach, allowing you to embrace the packet world at your own pace.

On one hand, our mature OTN (Open Transport Network) portfolio provides a multi-service solution, including support for IP, enabling you to postpone a move to a full packet solution to a much later stage. Our commitment to this TDM product range has secured a continued market interest much in contrast with the rapid decline in traditional SDH/SONET technology.

On the other hand, our next generation XTran platform is a flexible, state-of-the-art packet based solution enabling you to go “all IP”, enabled by the underlying MPLS-TP technology, without being faced with the complexity of generic solutions developed with large service providers in mind. XTran commercial deployments started as of end 2014. The fast growing order book of XTran and the exponential growth of its opportunity pipeline are proving a strong market uptake. This exponential growth is no doubt inspired by the numerous horror stories of industrial network roll-outs as they faced severe operational hick-ups with the latter generic and complex equipment. We are very much welcoming these customers as they discover the strengths of XTran!

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