XTran: Reliable operations in harsh environments

Unrivalled network resilience

Availability of network services is of paramount importance for Operational Telecom. Just think about the protection relays communicating over the network. A failure in the connection could lead to a black-out of large portions of the electricity grid... or imagine an oil pipeline that shuts down unexpectedly causing major financial losses... or picture trains standing still leaving passengers in the dark. XTran has various built-in features that significantly increase the availability of the services. The network resilience of XTran is unique in the industry.

MPLS-TP itself brings quite some functionality to the table. Back-up paths can be configured to cope with failures, while protection switching is guaranteed for any network topology. Furthermore, ERPS inside MPLS-TP guarantees fast reconfiguration times for Ethernet multipoint services. Unlike IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP does not require any control plane protocol for its operation. In this way, fast reroute and optimised traffic engineering can be guaranteed.

“Hitless switching” further increases the availability of TDM-based services. By activating this feature, zero data loss can be guaranteed as the information will be transmitted over two different paths and compared at the receiving end. A switch-over without data loss will take place as soon as the main path shows deficiencies.

When a harsh environment
becomes the natural habitat

XTran was designed from the ground up with a harsh environment in mind. Standard telecom equipment sucks dust and other particles into the system, which can create short circuits. XTran provides a fanless solution which survives in a temperature range of -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F). 

Special precautions were also taken in terms of humidity and EMC/EMI. XTran was certified according to IEEE-1613 and IEC-61850-3 standards, detailing environmental requirements for networking devices in electric power substations. It is also compliant with EN50121-4 on EMC/EMI for trackside telecom equipment.

Expect the unexpected

Mission-critical communication networks supported by XTran serve strategic assets and the security aspect can’t be overrated. Cybersecurity standards are becoming extremely important. Networks powered by XTran allow you to easily comply with standards like IEC 62443, Cyber Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems, and the US NERC-CIP. 

Furthermore, XTran has implemented various other features to improve network security such as MAC Sec encryption on its WAN links to avoid eavesdropping. It performs wire speed encryption with a minimum end-to-end delay.

All networks carry information.
Some networks carry it exactly the way you want.