Professionalism around the world

End-users and partners can call on OTN Systems for professional support. In our home country, OTN Systems provides the complete set of support services to its customers. Abroad, support depends on the skills and competencies of our local partners. In regions where no local partner support is available, OTN Systems brings skilled people on site to carry out the project successfully.

Network engineering

At the initial stage of the project, the network is designed in line with the requirements. The right hardware modules are chosen, bandwidth calculations are prepared, traffic prioritization investigated, etc. A close look is taken at every individual application that needs to be supported on the network. At the end of this stage, the network design is documented.

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Factory Acceptance

During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the complete network is built in the factory to simulate the live installation. Specific critical applications may actually be connected to the network and verified. OTN Systems prepares a FAT document in close cooperation with the end-user or its representative. All tests described in the document are carried out and witnessed by the stakeholders. After the FAT, the network is ready for shipment.

Field installation

The equipment is brought on site and all cables are connected according to the as-built drawings. The network nodes are put into service. Initial tests are performed to verify that everything is working according to plan. A close look is taken at the network management system. When all errors are cleared, the network is ready for commissioning.

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During the commissioning phase, the network is tested according to the final acceptance document, a document agreed upon by both parties. The tests are carried out in the presence of the customer or its representative. Upon successful completion, the different applications can go live on the network.

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24/7 technical support

OTN Systems offers around-the-clock technical support services provided by highly skilled OTN and XTran experts. The experts can be reached by phone or e-mail. A ticket is assigned to each request for easy follow-up. All experts have experience from product testing in the lab and in the field.

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On-site interventions

If worse comes to worse, our customers can call in an expert to resolve a critical problem on site. This can only be the case when all remote instructions to resolve the issue have failed. Prior to departure, an exact description of the problem has to be in place. Once on site, the expert will resolve the issue as quickly as possible in close collaboration with HQ and the end-user.

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Moves & changes

For some customers in our home country, OTN Systems performs all network changes as well as the 24/7 alarm monitoring. OTN Systems has a NOC (Network Operating Centre) from which the different networks are monitored. These services are part of a customized maintenance contract.

Sometimes drastic changes require the network to go out of service for a couple of hours. This often needs to be done within a limited time frame. When the customer feels reluctant to perform the change himself, he can call in OTN Systems engineers for proper assistance.

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The Return Material Authorization (RMA) centre of OTN Systems manages the products returned for repair or replacement. The status of a repair request can be followed up easily with a user-friendly web application. Normally our customers hold a stock of spare parts and repairs are not time-critical. If a repair is critical, OTN Systems provides a pre-exchange option. In this case, a working part is shipped prior to receiving the faulty part.

To receive the OTN Systems RMA repair request procedure & instructions, contact us.


The OTN Systems Academy provides training courses on the various products in multiple languages. The courses can take place in Olen (Belgium) or on the customer's premises. Depending on the technical background of the audience, different levels of training are available: introductory, basic or advanced. Commercial training sessions for our partners are also available. Customized training courses can be provided upon request.

Schedule of the course & enrolment.

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